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Last notes from this trip

After crossing the Lao-Thai border we went around northern Thailand rather quickly. Mae Sai was as before but the market area around the border seemed ever more busy, Mae Salong hadn’t changed much since my last visit in 2002, neither had Chiang Rai. We took a cooking class Chiang Mai, which was fun. Pai had […]

It’s a holiday in Cambodia…

…as Jello Biafra put it back in 1980: In brief, the following has happened since i returned from Burma to Bangkok in the end of February: Marja flew to Bangkok so there’s 2 of us now. Went to Kanchanaburi and Sankhlaburi for two weeks almost. Drove around with a Honda Dream, saw waterfalls with too […]

Reading about Burma on Ko Chang

Spent 10 days on Ko Chang off the Andaman coast near Ranong. (So this is not the big Ko Chang near Cambodia.) Very pleasant and little developed place: simple bungalows, nice quiet beaches and not too many people. Read some books about Burma and didn’t do much else. Burmese Days is George Orwell’s first novel, set […]