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Last notes from this trip

After crossing the Lao-Thai border we went around northern Thailand rather quickly. Mae Sai was as before but the market area around the border seemed ever more busy, Mae Salong hadn’t changed much since my last visit in 2002, neither had Chiang Rai. We took a cooking class Chiang Mai, which was fun. Pai had […]

Through Laos to Thailand

Left Kunming on the 19th of November after recovering from my flu and a sinus problem that followed it. Spent some days in Jinghong again, not doing much and then continued to Mengla near the Laotian border.¬†¬†Then a bus from Mengla to Luang namtha, in Laos. Things have changed in 6 years: electricity 24/7 thanks […]

Ruili, Dali, Lijiang and the tiger leaping gorge

Ruili is not Yunnan’s Sin City that it was two years ago, but still interesting. Lots of friendly Burmese people and good food. I especially liked the purple pancakes with brown sugar and peanut powder. I have had them before somewhere, but they were brown then. Or maybe it was too dark to see that […]