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From Mongolia to Beijing

Train 022 from UB to Erlianghot was comfortable. There were no trains to Beijing available, so i took a minibus. Everyone, including the driver, were mongolian. So again, there was singing. The road south from Erlianghot is a 4 lane dead straight highway, very different from the ones in Mongolia. Our driver did drive a […]

Bogd Han Uul

On friday i went hiking. I started from where i’m staying, Yarmag district, 10km southwest froUB center. the plan was to hike about 25km to Manzushir monastery behind the Bogd Han Ull mountains just south of UB. I hiked to the peaks at around 2200m altitude. The views we’re nice but it was a bit […]

Ulaanbaatar, Övörkhangai & Arkhangai

Ulaanbaatar (i think i got the right spelling now) reminds me of Tirana. No freaky coloured buildings, but still, bad driving culture, dust, soviet buildings, lots of construction sites and so on. The natural history museum is nice, at least if you have never seen dinosaur skeletons. Simon and Pascal were buying horses in Arvairkheer, […]