Monthly Archives September 2007

Down the coast to Xiamen

And yes, it was bad, i bought another pair, frame and lenses for 18€. The Wipha storm was supposed to hit Shanghai hard, but it hit it only mildly in the end. Some shopkeepers prepared with sandbags in front of their stores, but none of this was needed. As the city is quite tightly built, […]

Organised touring down the Yangzi

My flu got better in 4 days. I had heard good and bad things about the Yangzi cruises. It turned out to be fun. Just about everything not mentioned in the brochures will cost extra (for example, hanging out on the boat deck), but if you know this it’s not really that much extra. FI […]

Down with a flu in Chengdu

I came down with a flu and have been mostly sleeping for the past 4 days. Before this i had some time to see Chengdu. People told me that it’s a great place, but i’m a bit disappointed. Just like everywhere else so far, most of the buildings are new and ugly. Most of the […]