Monthly Archives October 2007

Tried to get from Jinghong to Ruili along the border

… but failed because of landslides, damn it. But it was fun, mostly. A bus down to Jinghong, which is a nice town, capital of Xishuangbanna. Not very Chinese. Lots of men in skirts, Burmese that is. Most people are Dai, and all signs are in Dai written using the Burmese script in addition to […]

17th CPC national congress

Watched a report on the 17th Communist Party of China national congress on CCTV9, China’s English language propaganda channel. There was a lot of terminology. Marxism Leninism, Mao’s thoughts on socialism, Deng Xiaoping theory, the Three Represents theory and the newest one, the Scientific Outlook on Development form the basis of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and China’s future, the […]

Minority tourism

I planned to get to Chengyang village in a day from Yangshuo, but didn’t make it in one. Took a bus at eight to Guilin. As i got off the bus, a man asked me where i was heading and i said Sanjiang. He started walking me to the bus station and i went with […]