A night at the wall and other experiences

Went to the “food street” at Wangfujin. You can buy all sorts of weird food there. One vendor was selling snake. At least the vendor said it was a snake. Anthony bought it, and had a bite, but didn’t like it. I ate most of it. A friend checked the Chinese symbol for what we had actually eaten, and it turned out to be a sheep penis. It was like eating a tendon, not very good. Also ate scorpions which tasted good.Another curious thing happened: I was taking a bus from the Temple of Heaven ot my hostel. Someone noticed two 5 yuan notes on the floor, and asked around if they belonged to someone. No one wanted them. Then the man tried to give it to the driver, but he didn’t want it, but told the man to put it in the machine the slot that you pay your trip into. Strange. People seem to be honest. Maybe there is corruption with big money only.

The summer palace was nice, but the day I went was too hot. The forbidden city was interesting, but packed with tourists.

I spent a night at the wall. Took a bus to Mi Yun and then a minibus to section of Wall at Simatai. Arrived a bit early, at 6pm, so i had to wait for 2,5 hours for the guard to leave. After he left, we hiked up to the wall and to a watchtower pretty high. There was a lunar eclipse that night but it was cloudy. Full moon too.

At night the clouds went away and the moon was beautiful. In the morning took some photos of the sunrise. I’m glad i had a polariser. Then hiked down and took the same route back.

Today i went to the “798 factory” area. It’s an area with dozens of galleries – with confusing names: the “Red Star Gallery” and “Long march Space”, for example. What exactly are they trying to say with this, i wonder. Didn’t see anything too interesting. Some stuff is critical in some sense at least. Some big international names too, Anish Kapoor exhibition opening next Saturday.

Flickr does not function in China so i can’t see the photos after i have uploaded them. But I can upload at least.

photos from Thursday, August 30th 2007
exercise equipment photo shoot at 798 - 3 photo shoot at 798 - 2 photo shoot at 798 paintings on a wall at 798 art at the Long March Space red star gallery it sells in china too it sells in china too  2 798 galleries steam at 798
photos from Wednesday, August 29th 2007
simatai great wall simatai great wall scene simatai great wall scene 2 me at simatai great wall sunrise at simatai great wall sunrise at simatai great wall view from a watchtower (my bed for a night) watchtowers send weird beams to the sky
photos from Monday, August 27th 2007
contruction in beijing ribbon music at the temple of heaven taiji at a park beijng street scene Nie Jie Mosque Niu Jie mosque cellphones are fun tourists at the forbidden city tired tourists at the forbidden city more tired tourists at the forbidden city an interesting pot

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