So, i was a good tourist and went to Xi’an to see the terracotta soldiers.

As the university holidays were about to end, i only got a ‘hard seat’ ticket from Beijing to Xi’an. It turned out that my train, T25, is the one going to Lhasa. So it was brand new. All the signs were in three languages, Tibetan, Chinese, and English, in that order. Is China trying to say something here? The ladies selling food were dressed in a crossbreed of a traditional tibetan costume (is suppose) and a train guard uniform.

The train was almost silent, and made one stop on the 11 hour journey, covering about 1300km. I mean literally, it was moving the rest of the time. I was impressed. A hard seat has padding on it, but the benches are for 3 people with the back rest straight up. So i didn’t sleep much.

Xi’an is a fairly big Chinese city with 9 million people. Very polluted, thick smog covering the town. The center is full of shopping malls. And people, shopping.

Chinese train stations are crazy. Lots and lots of people. You go to the platform through gates, opening only a while before the train leaves. And then there is pushing.

Saw the terracotta soldiers. Not that impressive, and expensive (90 yuan). The souvenir circus is a lot bigger than the museum. Some nice temples too, and the biggest mosque in china.

From Xi’an to Chengdu i had a hard sleeper. Its not really hard – beds in 3 levels, comfortable enough, and cheap. Lots of smog and shopping malls in Chengdu too.

Sichuan food is great!

photos from Tuesday, September 4th 2007
dancing at the peoples park reading newspapers
photos from Sunday, September 2nd 2007
Xian street scene fountains & smog soft copy a statue and two men a statue, a pagoda and a man worker big goose pagoda under a bridge, Xian train station chinglish terracotta soldiers 4 terracotta soldiers 3 terracotta soldiers 2 terracotta soldiers 1
photos from Saturday, September 1st 2007
little acrobat little acrobats calligraphy what? serious girl a beggar and people some superheroes and a singer buy! Xian people cook candymaker drumming smoggy Xian two women at Xian bell tower

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