Some photos on a map too, now

It’s a rainy day here in Chengdu. So i finally fixed a bug in my code that shows photos on googlemaps.

See or click on the ‘geotagged photos’ tab above.

Due to technical limitations, you can only put so many markers on the maps. I figured i’ll have hundreds at some point, so i used the K-means algorithm to calculate clusters of the points on the map. So, on the map you see cluster markers (a large dot with a number on it) or/and markers for individual photos depending on how many photos there are on the area shown. Things don’t look too nice though: when the map is zoomed out, the markers overlap and this looks a bit messy. So, zoom close. There are plenty of photos taken in Beijing for example, but when the page opens, you see a mess of markers there.

Maybe i’ll figure out a little better way of calculating and showing the clusters at different zoom levels, later. The accuracy of my GPS isn’t too good either.

edit: Microsoft IE 7 (and maybe 6?) has some problems with the map too, will fix this later. Use firefox or something else, please.

photos from Wednesday, September 5th 2007
spending time the biggest buddha people going down stairs to see the biggest buddha

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