Organised touring down the Yangzi

My flu got better in 4 days. I had heard good and bad things about the Yangzi cruises. It turned out to be fun. Just about everything not mentioned in the brochures will cost extra (for example, hanging out on the boat deck), but if you know this it’s not really that much extra. FI Booked the cruise, a night at a Hostel in Wuhan and a train ticket from Wuhan to Shanghai at a Hostel in Chengdu. Nothing turned out to be quite the way booked, but close enough.

Tuesday (12.9.2007) morning me and fellow couchsurfers Kathy and Dana left Chengdu for Chongqing where the boat would take off. A big mountainous and somehow charming city. In the evening our boat took off. A bit scruffy and full of Chinese tourists, but OK. It turned out that we even had a tour guide. So i got to play follow the flag with our tour group of 3 laowai and about 20 Chinese. The guide would knock on our cabin door in the evening to tell was happening the next day. Useful. The boat stopped every now and then for temples a tour to the “little three gorges” in smaller boats, etc.

The gorges are impressive even though the water level is now about 143 meters high from the time before the three gorges dam. It will still go up another 30 meters to 175m. Thought they must have been a lot nicer before. Lots of brand new towns along the river – all houses fairly new and all look the same, having been built for relocated citizens from flooded areas. Water is dirty, with flip flops and other garbage floating down.

The first day was wet and misty. Couldn’t see the river banks at times. The rest of the days were sunny. So i got some sunrise pictures from the Wu gorge. Had to wake up early for that.

The three gorges dam was big, but for some reason i thought it would ave been even bigger, and higher. Quite a tourist circus around it and not that much to see. But the pale concrete with orange cranes was a pleasing combination of colors, i have to say.

Now i’m in Shanghai and it’s raining tropically. Ridiculous amounts of skyscrapers, and nice colonial buildings too. Lots of construction, even though a lot has been built in the past 15 years go see the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition center, if you visit. The city tightly built, which is nice. Totally different from Beijing.

Bought new lenses for my glasses for 47€, not bad.

Some days here and then on south. The Chinese will be on holiday again 1-7 October and traveling will be difficult. Will have to decide where to be then.

photos from Monday, September 17th 2007
the Bund by night Pudong at night pearl tv tower construction in shanghai some performance
photos from Saturday, September 15th 2007
danger No B.3 three gorges dam three gorges dam 2 coal port at yangzi river foggy mountains sunrise at Wu gorge the sun is about to rise misty morning
photos from Friday, September 14th 2007
group exercise waterlevel was higher before a small boat chinese tourists little gorge bridge construction site Qutang gorge stairs
photos from Thursday, September 13th 2007
statue a city by the river a pagoda in mist
photos from Wednesday, September 12th 2007
chongqing by night chingqing street scene liberation monument temple buildings candles temple grounds in chongqing

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  1. chitchy wrote:

    Do you actually have a route plan? seems that you just randomly pick up the cities around China and suddenly north suddenly west suddenly east and suddenly back to west….kkk
    seems that you only stay in a city only a few days then move on. Do you plan to stay longer in one city? How much time do you plan to travel around China?

    Posted 18 Sep 2007 at 21:55
  2. chitchy wrote:

    anyway, you are quite an inspiring guy:)
    I’m glad your mom showed me your website!kkk

    Posted 18 Sep 2007 at 21:58
  3. immu wrote:

    Well, i did have a route in the beginning but i changed it many times. Now i think it’ll be kind of an “S” shape.

    The current plan is to go down south along the coast to Hong Kong. After that Guilin followed by Guizhou and Yunnan provinces. Maybe some mountains in western Sichuan too.

    I’ve been mving quite fast, i know… might stay a bit longer somewhere in Yunnan. But plans change:) I’ll be leaving China in the end of November.

    Posted 19 Sep 2007 at 13:22

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