Down the coast to Xiamen

And yes, it was bad, i bought another pair, frame and lenses for 18€.

The Wipha storm was supposed to hit Shanghai hard, but it hit it only mildly in the end. Some shopkeepers prepared with sandbags in front of their stores, but none of this was needed. As the city is quite tightly built, it wasn’t even windy in the city. But it rained hard all the time.

Shanghai nightlife was bad. Bad music and way overpriced. Maybe i went to the wrong places.

I got another flu, so i ended up sleeping for my last days in Shanghai, before taking a train to Xiamen, aka Amoy. 22 hours on a hard seat. The people were interesting, again. One experience on this ride was when the train stopped at some small or big town at 2 am. A man selling roast duck or chicken drumsticks came in and just about everybody wanted one. He sold them to the last minute, having to jump out the window as the train was already moving. And then, imagine some 50 Chinese pigging out on greasy poultry around you. What a sound! (Eating loudly is something you’re supposed to do here.)

So, now, in Xiamen, a city just opposite Taiwan on the coast. I’ve been staying on Gulangyu island a small ferryride from the city. It has the feel of a small tourist town somewhere in the mediterranean, Croatia for example. Most buildings are colonial, so things look kind of nice, seafood is good, but not really cheap. I probably wouldn’t have come if i knew it was like this.

The city itself is, again, full of tall new buildings and also some really run down old colonial areas. I wonder if it will be renovated or demolished. I would bet on the latter.

I’m still a bit ill so haven’t done much, no good photos or anything:) Tomorrow evening i take a sleeper bus (It has beds fitted) to Guangzhou (Canton).

photos from Tuesday, September 25th 2007
a market in Xiamen building in Xiamen
photos from Monday, September 24th 2007
Xiamen seen from Gulangyu island

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