17th CPC national congress

Watched a report on the 17th Communist Party of China national congress on CCTV9, China’s English language propaganda channel.

There was a lot of terminology. Marxism LeninismMao’s thoughts on socialism, Deng Xiaoping theory, the Three Represents theory and the newest one, the Scientific Outlook on Development form the basis of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and China’s future, the viewers were told. China will be a moderately prosperous society in all respects. And that was it by and large.

Some have counted the occurences of these and others in the congress report, the top four is as follows:

  1. “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” 52 occurences
  2. “Scientific development” 38 occurences
  3. “opening and reform” 34 occurences 
  4. “harmony” 33 occurences

From these and the comparisons to buzz word counts in previous congresses, some try to infer what the future will actually be like, see:


Bought some 10 year old pu’er tea. It is good and effective. Saw one tea house selling pu’er lattes. Maybe Starbucks will start offering them soon soon. They already had green tea lattes in Hong Kong.

It has been cold and rainy in Kunming. Today evening i’m taking a buss to Jinghong, and from there will continue northwest to Ruili.

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