Through Laos to Thailand

Left Kunming on the 19th of November after recovering from my flu and a sinus problem that followed it. Spent some days in Jinghong again, not doing much and then continued to Mengla near the Laotian border.  Then a bus from Mengla to Luang namtha, in Laos.

Things have changed in 6 years: electricity 24/7 thanks to a dam a couple of kilometers north of town, new buildings,  more travelers, better english, etc. The trekking business is more organised, and seems to be doing well in many ways: the companies (Green Discovery Laos fo example) even tell you where the money goes.

There was something wrong with the phak i put in my foe or with the som tam i had and got a stomach problem and rested for 2 days.  Then a 20 hour bus ride down to Vientiane.  It seems more or less the same as it was last time. Retook some photos i took the last time, met some people and got a visa sorted out for Thailand, but otherwise didn’t do much there.

Now in Bangkok. Kings 80th birthday is tomorrow, and everyone has been wearing yellow or pink  shirts through the week (and past two years) congratulating the king. Pink is the new yellow. The weather is good, not too hot and the sky is clear. Pleasant after the haze and smoke in Yunnan and Northern Laos. It’s rice field burning time there.

Few days in Bangkok and then i think i’m going for a beach holiday, as i have been a bit tired of traveling lately.

photos from Friday, November 30th 2007
in Vientiane buddha buddhas buddhas buddhas haw pha kaew
photos from Thursday, November 29th 2007
pha that luang pha that luang 2
photos from Wednesday, November 28th 2007
vientiane dog early morning in Vientiane
photos from Sunday, November 25th 2007
Nam tha a dam near Luang namtha
photos from Saturday, November 24th 2007

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