moscow, transsiberian & ulaan baatar

So, i left on 30.7.2007 as planned. Next day i was in Moscow. Got my ticket from Intourist and left my stuff at the Yaroslav station and the I was off to see Lenin. He was in a surprisingly good condition. Otherwise i didn’t see much in Moscow. In the evening the train left.

The train was comfortable, and, luckily i shared my 4 berth cabin with only one person, Anthony from France. Most people on the train were not Russians, Chinese or Mongolians, but western tourists, all in a cheerful mood. So the ride was fun, the train stopping every now and then and babushkas selling their piroshki on the platform. The best food is sold in the smaller stations. Otherwise it was reading, planning the rest of the trip, card games, mingling, drinking beer, drinking vodka, sleeping, and so on.

The lake Baikal was big, and i ate a smoked fish from it. It was tasty.

The border to Mongolia took a long time to cross, 4,5 hours on the Russian side and about 2 on the Mongolian side.

The landscape, villages, etc. don’t change much during the trip. Only after the track turns south after lake Baikal and crosses
Tuva, it changes. And in Mongolia it is quite amazing. See the pictures, but i dont think it does justice to what is seen with on location. Landscape photographs usually suck.

I’m still contemplating on what kind of stuff i should write here..

photos from Monday, August 6th 2007
sukhbataar square sukhbataar square 2 statues about to rain in UB pidgeons
photos from Sunday, August 5th 2007
gandan monastery Pidgeons & people 2 gers & Ulaan Baatar steppe and mountains steppe and mountains again horses, steppe and mountains looking out the train window in mongolia 2 gers, steppe and some mountains towasrds mongolia
photos from Saturday, August 4th 2007
towards mongolia in a cloud of diesel smoke a small town in Tuva Tuva Along a river south thowards Mongolia Tuva landscape log carriages in Tuva a village in Tuva train passin lake Baikal 2 train passing lake Baikal
photos from Friday, August 3rd 2007
learning a new game a man scratching his head platform pillars
photos from Thursday, August 2nd 2007
novosibirsk station at night another station
photos from Wednesday, August 1st 2007
siberian landscape siberian landscape IMGP0929 cleaning the locomotive window food for the road 2 passin a locomotive food for the road train number 4 moscow-beijing, 2nd class cabin
photos from Tuesday, July 31st 2007
church church & people fountains next to kreml

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