Bogd Han Uul

On friday i went hiking. I started from where i’m staying, Yarmag district, 10km southwest froUB center. the plan was to hike about 25km to Manzushir monastery behind the Bogd Han Ull mountains just south of UB.

I hiked to the peaks at around 2200m altitude. The views we’re nice but it was a bit hazy. Then went on through a forest (yes, just about the only places in mongolia you find forests are on the mountains) towards Manzushir, but came down the wrong valley and decided to walk to Zuunmod, a little town. I asked around for hostels, but they we’re all closed. Luckily a mongolian family was kind enough to take me to their home for the night. I slept in a room full of saddles.

Next day hitched to the monastery, saw it, hitched back to Zuunmod, and then back to UB.

Tonight, i’m off to Erlian. Sadly i won’t see much of Gobi, as i’m taking the night train.

photos from Saturday, August 18th 2007
cooking pot for 2 cows manzushir 4 manzushir 3 manzhushir 2 manzushir 1
photos from Friday, August 17th 2007
yarmag district seen from the mountain

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